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Energy Sector

Metalex has been providing building envelopes, sound attenuation, insulation products and field services to the Energy Sector since our humble beginnings on the Brower family farm in 2002

product types

Self-framing buildings


A self-framing metal building frames itself, meaning it can be delivered to you in pieces that can be easily put together and dismantled again whenever you need to move it.

Typically used for buildings up to 30 feet wide, 20 feet tall and any length required.

Polyurethane Foam Panels

Our 1-1/2” & 3” polyurethane flush edge, lap edge and interlocking foam panels consist of metal skins with polyurethane-injected core.


The insulating quality of rigid polyurethane foam is high, which enables builders to make walls thinner—but just as quiet, warm and sturdy. In addition to buildings, this product is extremely versatile and can be used for utilidor, trailer packages, and tank cladding.

This system is best suited to meet the requirements of the National Energy Building Code 2015.

Rigid Frame Buildings

When the size limitations of Self-Framed or Polyurethane Metal Building are a challenge, Metalex offers a Rigid-Frame Metal Building option designed to meet any height and span requirement, provided engineering feasibility is maintained. Some features of these buildings include large framed openings, doors or overhead cranes.


Metalex can provide a multitude of building structures, insulation and cladding solutions to complete the structure to client specifications. In fact, we may even incorporate a self-framing or polyurethane system as a building envelope to the rigid frame to complete the job.

Tank & Vessel Cladding and Insulation

Metalex supplies innovative and economical insulating solutions for all your tank/vessel or piping requirements. This division has the experience and expertise to complete any project to your specifications, and can assist you in designing a customized solution for your insulating requirements.

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